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Aug 2013

Graebener-Reika Announces High Volume Tube & Pipe Cutting Services

Graebener-Reika has announced its high volume tube and pipe production services and demonstration capability using its Reika high-speed rotary head cutoff machines

Reading, Pennsylvania, August 6, 2013 -- Graebener-Reika, Inc.,(GRI) a provider of machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet metal, has announced its high volume tube and pipe processing capability, serving a variety of markets and applications including Oil Country (coupling blanks and drill string components), automotive (drive shafts, steering columns, shock absorber bodies, axle tubes, etc), and general industry (bearing blanks, conveyor idlers, hydraulic cylinder barrels and more). The work is conducted out of GRI’s Reading facility and run on Reika Rotary Head cutoff equipment, which is ideally suited for high volume and heavy wall cutting applications.

Reika rotary head cut-off machines feature stationary pipe/tube and rotating tools, enabling high speed cutting and high tool feed rates for reduced cutting times and improved quality. The Reika machines can cut a wide variety of materials and grades, but are especially well-suited for cutting high strength and difficult-to-cut materials, where other cutting technologies fall short.

The GRI cutting range includes:

• 1” – 8.5” diameter tube or pipe

• Up to 1.2” wall thickness

• Cut lengths from 1” to 100”

• Square cut with optional ID and OD chamfer or ID C-bore

• Installed capacity exceeds 3M cuts/yr

Customers interested in learning more about Reika rotary head cutoff technology are invited to send their material for cutting trials. To get a quote on your production requirements or for information on a demo run of your materials, please contact Rich Marando at or email

Aug 2013

Graebener-Reika to Launch New Advantage Series Tube/Pipe Rotary Head Cut-off Machines at FABTECH 2013

Graebener-Reika will highlight its new Reika Advantage Series, economically-priced Rotary Head cut-off machine at FABTECH 2013 in booth #S-3522

Reading, Pennsylvania, August 9, 2013 -- Graebener-Reika, Inc., (GRI) a provider of machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet metal, will be displaying its new Reika Advantage Series Rotary Head machines for cutting tube and pipe in booth #S-3522 at FABECH 2013. This new series of high productivity, high capability machines features all the quality benefits of rotary head cut-off technology in a cost-efficient package with a user-friendly interface. The Advantage series has been engineered to handle a wide array of tube and pipe diameters and thicknesses, making it an efficient and economic choice across an array of applications.

As with Reika’s existing rotary head solutions, the cutting tool rotates around a stationary tube or pipe vs. lathe style cutting machines that spin the pipe. This approach reduces eccentric load on the machine, allowing for faster cutting times and improving both cutting tool and equipment life. The Reika Advantage Series machines offer OD chamfer on both ends of the tube and produce accurate rectangular and perpendicular cuts with no surface damage.

Currently available in two sizes – a two-slide cutoff with a 17 kW motor and a four-slide cutoff with a 24kW motor – both offer high cutting speeds and feed rates to deliver shorter cutting times for high productivity. The Advantage series machines can process tube diameters from 89 to 219mm and wall thickness up to 20 mm.

Graebener-Reika is a leading provider of tubular goods equipment and production services. For more information on the new Advantage Series Rotary Cut-off machine, email, or visit to see the entire line of equipment.

May 2013

New RingSaw from Graebener-Reika Revolutionizes Pipe Cutting for OCTG and Other Industries

RINGSAW™ is capable of cutting tubes, bars, and profiles with diameters ranging from 10 to 610 mm, and wall thickness from 1 to 150 mm. The machine is operated electro-mechanically without hydraulics, and is therefore oil free.   The cutting process is either dry, with a mini-coolant, or with flood emulsion.

Reading, Pennsylvania, May 2, 2013 -- Graebener-Reika, Inc., (GRI) a provider of machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet metal, transforms the cold saw cutting process with its new RingSaw line, ideally suited for the high strength materials found in Oil Country Tubular Goods and other demanding applications. Instead of cutting with the outside diameter of the blade, RingSaw puts teeth in the enlarged center hole which, when compared to conventional carbide saws, changes and improves the dynamics that affect cost and quality of finished pieces.

RingSaw machines rotate the blade by turning the outside diameter and the enlarged center hole is for cutting instead of the traditional spindle design. This innovation leads to a reduction in tool costs by 50 to 80 percent while at the same time increasing performance by 30 to 60 percent.

“We are talking about six-figure amounts that can be saved each year,” said Rich Marando, president of Graebener-Reika. “One of our customers, a renowned manufacturer of rolling bearing rings, confirmed these savings using Ringsaw to cut bearing blanks of material grade 100Cr6, pre-hardened, diameter of 73 mm and a wall thickness of 12.6 mm.”

One way the RingSaw achieves superior performance over conventional blades is in better chip management. It uses milling-type carbide inserts that take a greater bite than regular cold saw blades. This increases material removal rates and results in larger chips that are easier to recover and do not stick to the machine’s sides thus improving maintenance characteristics.

Although teeth on a RingSaw are more substantial than traditional cutting blades, they are actually more versatile. The teeth are mounted with machined seats and screws rather than soldered to the blade. When an edge becomes dull, an operator rotates the insert to one of four fresh edges and the insert is replaced after all four edges have been used. Additionally, the teeth are tapered into contact with the workpiece gently to virtually eliminate burrs, which contributes to cost savings in the finishing stages.

Every RingSaw machine is equipped to support wet or dry cutting, integral cutting fluid and chip management systems. Cost benefits and cycle time gains are substantial for pipes and couplings. Rounds, shapes, hollows and solids are easily accommodated.

The RingSaw design was pioneered from the whirling machine concept developed by Procon, which was acquired by Reika in 2009. World-class engineering from the Graebener Group brought RingSaw to fruition. The machine works by feeding a work piece along the X-axis through the hole in the blade’s center, and the blade oscillates on a Y-Z slide table to make the cut.

For more information on RingSaw and Graebener-Reika’s full line of equipment and services, visit or email, where you can also request an appointment to see the equipment in action.

May 2013

Graebener-Reika, Inc. Offers Retrofit Service for Variety of Equipment

Graebener Reika INc. offers retrofit service for variety of equipment

Reading, Pennsylvania, May 30, 2013 -- Graebener-Reika, Inc. (GRI), a provider of machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet metal, has announced its re-build and modernization services available for upgrading of pre-owned equipment. GRI, which serves as North American sales and service partner for Gräbener Maschinentechnik and Reika equipment, can support decommissioning, refurbishment, upgrading and reinstallation of any manufacturer’s equipment with special expertise in German-made machinery and process machinery used by tube and pipe producers.

Refurbishment and re-certification efforts are completed at GRI’s 12,000 sq. ft. facility in Reading, Pennsylvania. If a customer’s equipment is impractical to move, work can be completed at the customer’s facility.

Benefits of an equipment upgrade include improved production volume and product quality while at the same time improving efficiency and long-term maintainability. Additionally, by upgrading existing equipment versus purchasing new, foundations, machine beds, utility feeds, etc. can be reutilized thereby avoiding incremental costs of installing new equipment.

Recently, GRI completed upgrades to a 20-year-old line for a leading steel producer, moving the equipment from England to the United States and refurbishing and re-commissioning at the new site within a year.

“Companies should consider retrofitting as an option if the equipment can be upgraded at a cost of less than two-thirds of new machine investment,” according to Rich Marando, president of GRI. “And, there are various machine types that can be retrofitted -- from controls and operator interface stations to drives, measuring systems and mechanical components.”

To find out more about Graebener-Reika’s retrofit and recertification services,visit or email

Mar 2013

Plate Bending Machine from Graebener Reika Offers Multiple Advantages Supporting Yoke Design Processes Varying Thicknesses, Improves Quality

The supporting yoke design of this 4-roll plate bending machine from Graebener Reika offers increased flexibility and improved quality to fabricators.

Reading, Pennsylvania, March 1, 2013 -- Graebener-Reika, Inc., (GRI) a provider of machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet metal, announces its unique 4-roll plate bending machine for producing cylindrical and conical shells. A key differentiator found only on Graebener machines is the supporting yoke design, which can be hydraulically adjusted to counteract the respective bending forces, enabling processing of a wider variety of material thicknesses.

The supporting yoke clamps the top and bottom rolls and compensates for deflection by applying counter pressure to the rolls. This enables the ability to install a top roll with a smaller diameter, which can then allow bending of smaller inner pipe diameters. Camber adjustments at the rolls are no longer necessary as bending capacity turns into pre-bending capacity, eliminating the need for predefined production programs. This increases the machine’s flexibility and reduces change-over times for exchange rolls. Companies can now form plates without limitation, from smaller thicknesses to thicknesses of up to 150 mm.

The supporting yoke clamps the top and bottom rolls and compensates for deflection by applying counter pressure to the rolls. This enables the ability to install a top roll with a smaller diameter, which can then allow bending of smaller inner pipe diameters. Camber adjustments at the rolls are no longer necessary as bending capacity turns into pre-bending capacity, eliminating the need for predefined production programs. This increases the machine’s flexibility and reduces change-over times for exchange rolls. Companies can now form plates without limitation, from smaller thicknesses to thicknesses of up to 150 mm.

“What initially looks like an oversized machine giant is actually the most high-tech bending machine on the market today,” said Rich Marando, president of Graebener-Reika.“Our supporting yoke design eliminates strain on the foundation and workshop, and improves productivity. We have some customers producing 10 pipes per shift.”

This self-supporting feature on the 4-roll bending machine by Graebener enables a smaller footprint. The compact design of the machine is even more illustrated when most of the machine is embedded in the foundation.

Other advantages delivered by this machine include producing plate edges that are always parallel making convex respectively concavely shaped pipes a thing of the past. This creates optimum pre-conditions for welding processes. Additionally, the plate edges can be pre-bent without visible straight ends, which considerably reduces calibration efforts while maintaining the required tolerances.

These machines are especially well-suited to walled offshore wind tower sections, piles, mooring posts, large vessels, and tank applications. The supporting yoke system can also be retrofitted to existing equipment.

For more information on the full line of Graebener- Reika equipment and services, visit or email, where you can also request an appointment to see the equipment in action.

Mar 2013

Graebener-Reika Offers Improved Tube & Pipe Finishing Process Full lines and Machines for OCTG, Seamless, DOM, other Premium Product

Graebener Reika improved tube and pipe finishing process full lines and machines for OCTG seamless DOM

Reading, Pennsylvania, March 19, 2013 -- Graebener-Reika, Inc., (GRI) a provider of machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet, has announced its extensive tube finishing line capability for oil country tubular goods (OCTG) and other premium tubular product applications. As a representative of Reika machinery, GRI can supply fully automated turnkey lines or individual machines and integration into existing lines.

With GRI’s automated finishing lines, product flows without manual interference through the system where non-compliant sections are automatically removed and ID/OD chamfers are applied during the cut-off operation. By integrating all process elements into a master line control, GRI finishing lines improve yield, reduce scrap, shorten order fulfillment time and reduce labor cost.

In contrast to traditional fixed crop length systems, a GRI line offers the unique ability to utilize NDT data to crop only the material that does not meet specification, significantly reducing the scrap rate. The data is also utilized during the mid-body cutout process where automatic positioning of the exact lineal dimension for removal is enabled, maximizing prime material versus the traditional process of paint-marking flawed areas for subsequent manual cutout.

After cropping and defect cutout, the intelligent master control system automatically compares remaining lengths to ‘best fit’ any open orders. Alternate lengths produced out of sequence are accumulated in a storage bin for future use while the primary order is processed.

Says Rich Marando, GRI president, “The key is our ability to provide an integrated system where incoming product is serialized and tracked from end to end and flaws are detected, logged and immediately communicated to the cutting station for defective removal. This allows our customers to produce high quality product in a consistent and efficient manner.”

Finishing lines offered by GRI are optimized for high duty cycle applications and are well-suited for high alloy and heat-treated seamless pipe mills and precision DOM pipe mills.

In addition to complete line integration, GRI can supply front end, back end or any other finishing capability that a producer may need including multi-roll straighteners, NDT test benches, rotary head cutoffs, end facers, bundlers, customized material handling systems and more. In addition to its extensive line of original equipment, the company maintains a network of strategic partners to provide additional finishing needs such as hydrotesting, drift testing, spark testing, stenciling, etc.

For more information on the full line of Graebener- Reika equipment and services, visit or email, where you can also request an appointment to see the equipment in action.

May 2012


Pipe & Tube Nashville 2012

PGraebener-Reika Inc.'s (GRI) new technical and sales headquarters in Reading, PA can be your one-stop resource for innovative machinery in tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet processing. With three Reika rotary head tupe/pipe cutting machines on site, GRI is prototype- and/or volume production-capable. The 12,000 sq. ft. facility also has on-site resource for machining, fabrication and assembly as well as housing the company's engineering, sales and service staff.

Graebener-Reika is a joint venture between three well-respected manufacturing equipment companies -- Graebener Machinintechnik (GMT) and Reika, both out of Germany -- as well as the Automatic Feed Company in Napoleon, Ohio.   As the sole North American sales and service provider for the GMT and Reika lines of custom machinery, Graebener-Reika Inc. is a technology leader in metal processing with an extensive equipment portfolio serving the automotive, oil and natural gas exploration & transportation, ship building, wind energy and fuel cell markets

For more information on the full line of Graebener- Reika equipment and services, visit or email, where you can also request an appointment to see the equipment in action.

May 2012

Pipe & Tube Nashville 2012

Pipe & Tube Nashville 2012

President Rich Marando of Graebener-Reika Inc. will be speak at the Pipe & Tube Nashville 2012 conference to be held June 26-28, 2012.     On Thursday of the conference, Rich will discuss Advancements in ID Ring Saw Cutting Technology.

Mar 2012

Major order from China for REIKA "Pipe People"

China company orders customized turnkey tube finishing line

A major contract from China was recently booked by company REIKA GmbH & Co. KG (Hagen, Germany). REIKA, part of German Graebener Group, will deliver to China a customized turnkey Finishing Line, including a 10-Roll Straightening Machine and an expansive transport system. The line is designed for processing seamless stainless steel tubes up to 30 meters in length and will be delivered by the end of 2012.

The Chinese company’s attention was attracted by the “Pipe People”’s reputation to provide customized solutions but also to deliver high precision tube conveyence systems for the tube manufacturing and value added industries. For example, the expereince to design and manufacture conveyence systems for long and thinwall stainless steel tubes can be found worldwide only in few companies.

A lot of Know-how was needed to arrive at the optimized process; minimizing manpower and set-uip time while maximizing thruptut and up-time. This was achieved through a strong and highly evolved mechanical design interlinked and controled by sophisticated electronic supervisory system. A special transport system was designed for longitudinal and cross transport that incorporated various value added process steps; including marking and testing.

An essential part of the Finishing Line is the state-of-the-art 10-roll straightening machine with separating line and variable geometry inlet trough for protective and damage-free tube transport. "Customers were convinced by key features such as a robust, rigid and vibration-resistant steel frame construction, large roll diameter for longlife operation, individual drives to compensate roll wear and tear and user friendly CNC control," says REIKA Managing Director Hans-Jörg Braun. Moreover, set-up times are significantly reduced by the automatic, self-learning control.

Bottom line, REIKA’s machine design is beyond competing products.

"Dramatically improved precision in tube straightness and elimination of unstraightened tube ends provide customers with a direct economic benefit, so the return on investment is reached after a very short time” says Hans-Jörg Braun.

A grinding line for outside grinding of the tubes, a Multi-Testing Block (Ultrasonic and Eddy Current), flaw cut-out devices with reworking track, length measuring station, marking and sample cutting equipment, visual inspection, an inside and outside cleaning station and last but not least a length sorting system for upto twelve different individual lengths with bundle storage system are integral parts of the Finishing Line.

REIKA’s overall supply for finishing lines is widespread. Finishing lines for hot-rolled, drawn, cold-pilgered and longitudinal welded tubes, hot-rolled bars and precision blanks are part of their production range. Customers demands are satisfied by combining individual processing stages, such as Straightening, Testing, Cutting, Chamfering, Multiple storage and Bundling within the line. In addition, all products are subject to all-inclusive service and support such as output improvement by optimizing or design according to customers’ specification.

Jan 2012

REIKA announces the addition of RingSaw™ cut-off technology to their high speed Compact Series machines.

REIKA compact series machines enjoy great demand.

Small but powerful!

REIKA compact series machines enjoy great demand.

REIKA GmbH & Co. KG is currently experiencing high demand for compact series machines from value added processors, particularly in the automotive sector.

“The compact machine series celebrates great success” underscored Hans-Joerg Braun, Managing Director.

For Reika, success is no reason to rest. Instead, the company has advanced the compact series machines by incorporating ID RingSaw™ cutoff technology.

Compact series machines are still available with traditional disk or rotary head cutoff systems. The addition of ID RingSaw™ cutoff technology improves machine performance in heavy wall applications and expands the product range to solid bars and ultra high strength materials.

For example, the compact series machines for short lengths and precision cuts are highly preferred by companies producing fittings. “ it’s mainly low maintenance and low operational costs the customers appreciate,” said Hans-Joerg Braun. The compact series machines offer long tool life, no surface damage and no sticky saw chips. “In addition, they guarantee extremely good tolerances”.

Reliability of REIKA machines is well known in the market place. Modern, high quality components are combined with time-tested Reika-standard modules. A central machine bed, integrated end working, a fully encapsulated production cell and the absence of a hydraulic system are other notable features of the compact series machines.

Customers will benefit from the rigorous and practical implementation of Reika’s experience and knowhow as well as ‘process safe’ control of user needs. The output of the compact series machines is up to 1900 pcs/hr depending on material and application. This performance is achieved by fast machine cycles, low changeover times, high reliability and optimized cutting technologies. Last but not least, customers enjoy improved accuracy and process stability through robust material handling built into every compact series machine.

“By incorporating RingSaw™ cutting technique into the compact series machines, our engineers achieved another milestone in Reikas’ long history of innovation” said Hans-Joerg Braun. Now, “in addition to chipless disk cutting & rotary head chip-forming cutoff, we offer the revolutionary RingSaw™ cutoff technique in compact series machines”. According to Braun, “this is another tremendous step forward in the compact series machines and another priceless advantage for our customers”.

See the new “COMPACT RingSaw™” on Tube Dusseldorf 2012 – March 26 to 30, 2012 Hall 06, Stand D30!

Jan 2012

Graebener Group Technologies renamed Graebener-Reika Inc

Graebener Group Technologies renamed Graebener-Reika Inc

Graebener Group Technologies has reorganized under the name Graebener-Reika Inc. The group was originally formed in 2006 by Theodor Gräbener GmbH & Co. KG, together with AFCO and President Rich Marando. Graebener-Reika Inc will continue to distribute and service Reiker and Graebener Maschinentechnik products and services in the USA and Canada. The primary business office is located in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Dec 2011

Hot Stamping / Press Hardening workshop held for US Delegation

Sep 2011

New Unscrambler technology for tube, pipe, & bar

REIKA machine to separate tubes and rods prior to straightening

REIKA has developed a machine to separate tubes and rods prior to straightening.   The task of separating unstraightened tubes and rods is very complicated.   REIKA has developed an automated machine that robustly separates tubes and rods, and it can be tailored for any material and customer need. The system is virtually maintence free, and it is easy to operate.

Sep 2011

Graebener-Reika establishes new facility in Reading Pennsylvania.

A new facility located in Berks County, Pennsylvania opened in September 2011. Key personnel have been relocated to the new facility. The facility's address is 20 Oestersling Dr, Reading, PA 19605

Aug 2011

Digital Marketing Initiative Launched creates new web site

Mark Kiehl of has been contracted to assist with the evolution of a new web site.   The objective of the new web site is to make it easier for potential clients in North America to find Graebener-Reika.   The new web site will initially feature extensive information about the broad scope of products (machines) and services offered by Graebener-Reika.

Dec 2010

Work begins on refurbishment of 2 Reika shock tube cutting & forming lines for Magnetti Marelli Corp - Pulaski TN

Dec 2010

NEW Flying ID RINGSAW™ for Tube, pipe, and profiles

Sep 2010

TPJ publishes article on ID RINGSAW™

The Tube & pipe journal published an article by Rich Marando on the ID RINGSAW™. Click the link below to see the article. TPJ article

May 2010

Contract secured for Saudi Pipe Mill

Graebener Maschinentechnik secures order for nine machines supporting a new long seam welded line pipe mill with client located in Saudi Arabia.   The client intends to utilize the machines in one of the most modern pipe mills world-wide.   The new pipe mill will produce LSAW pipes with diameters of 16" to 62" and wall thicknesses of 8 to 51 mm for the oil and gas sector, as well as on and offshore industries.

Apr 2010

NEW Cutoff Technology introduced at Tube Dusseldorf

Jul 2009

Controls Upgrade completed for Timken

The Graebener Group Technologies (GGT) completed a project consisting of installation, refurbishment, and complete control replacement on a Reika Model 243 finishing line for Timken Corporation.   The line had operated for nearly two decades at Timken's Desford, England facility. The line was relocated to Timken's main plan in Canton, Ohio USA and GGT was contracted to support decommissioning, reinstallation, and refurbishment. The system is fully commissioned and is currently running a three shift production operation.

Oct 2007

Retrofit and Upgrade completed for Arcellor Mittal

Exit conveyor for Arcellor Mittal

Feb 2006

Graebener Group Technologies Inc formed

In 2006, Theodor Gräbener GmbH & Co. KG, together with AFCO and today's President Rich Marando, founded the company Graebener Group Technologies Inc. (GGT). Today, this company successfully markets the products of the Graebener Group and provides services in the U.S.