Innovative machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet

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For carbide insert cutting of tubes and pipes. Integrated facing and o.d./i.d bevelling of both ends. Line is factory refurbished and ready to go.     Inquire about this machine..

REIKA rotaryhead tube pipe cut-to-length line model 224/320 capacity

Rotary head cutoff with 4 cutting slides.

REIKA rotaryhead tube pipe cut-to-length line model 224/320 capacity


  • Stationary Tube - Rotary cut-off head
  • High speed cut-off - Cut-off head with 4 slides
  • No damage to outer and inner tube
  • Short cycle times
  • No coolant-no sticking chips - no dirt
  • High accuracy of length, perpendicularity and chamfer geometries
  • CNC-chamfering machine for facing and outer and inner chamfering
  • Short length change by CNC-adjustment of spindle unit
  • Quick change system for tool heads
  • Concentric tube chucking to center axis of the spindle units

REIKA rotaryhead tube pipe cut-to-length line model 224/320 capacity

Fully automated line complete with safety guarding and scrap conveyors.

REIKA rotaryhead tube pipe cut-to-length line model 224/320 capacity

End face and chamfer station for simultaneous endworking of both ends.

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REIKA rotary head high speed tube and pipe cutoff

Rotary Head Cutoff
Tube / Pipe

REIKA ID RINGSAW™ - tube pipe bar profile - fast, burr free cutoff

Tube / Pipe / Bar / Profile

Tube pipe bar finishing line

Finishing Lines
Tube / Pipe / Bar

REIKA tube, pipe, and bar multi roll straightener

Roll Straightening
Tube / Pipe / Bar

NDT test bench - tube pipe bar

NDT Test Cells
Tube / Pipe / Bar

REITEC whirling (thread & profile manufacturing) machines - pipe / bar

Thread Cutting & Whirling
Pipe / Bar

REITEC tube pipe bar end working machines

End Working
Tube / Pipe / Bar

REIKA machine to separate tubes and rods prior to straightening

Tube / Pipe / Bar

Graebener Maschinentechnik hot stamping / press hardening

Hot Stamping / Press Hardening
Tube / Sheet

Graebener Maschinentechnik tube pipe sheet hydroforming

Tube / Pipe / Sheet

Graebener Maschinentechnik Powerboxx® machine for fuel cell metallic separator plates

Fuel Cell Seperator Plates

Graebener Maschinentechnik high speed hydraulic press for tube and sheet hydroforming, hot and warm forming (hot stamping / press hardening)

High Speed Hydraulic Press

Graebener Maschinentechnik Pipe Forming Press

Pipe Forming Press
Large Dia. Line Pipe

Graebener-Maschinentechnik three roll Large Dia. Line Pipe bending machine

3 Roll pipe bending
Large Dia. Line Pipe

Graebener Maschinentechnik four roll bending machine

4 Roll plate bending
Vessel / Shell

Graebener Maschinentechnik pipe post forming press

Post Form Edge Rounding
Large Dia. Line Pipe

Graebener Maschinentechnik pipe root tracking welding press

Root tack welding
Large Dia. Line Pipe

Graebener Maschinentechnik tube calibration & straightening press

Calibration & Straightening
Large Dia. Line Pipe

Pipe end beveling machine

End Beveling
Large Dia. Line Pipe

Graebener Maschinentechnik pipe weld leak test (hydrotester)

Hydro Testing
Large Dia. Line Pipe

Plate edge milling & beveling

Edge Milling & Beveling

Variable thickness plate assembly lines (tailor welded plates)

Tailor Welded

Profile edge milling & beveling machines

Edge Milling & Beveling

Vessel or shell circular weld seam preparation milling

Circular Seam Milling
Vessel / Shell

Graebener Maschinentechnik vessel or shell long weld seam milling machines

Long Seam Milling
Vessel / Shell

REITEC profile machining (hobbing) of shaft like workpieces - pipe bar

Pipe / Bar

Tube pipe long bed hydroforming

Long Bed Hydroforming
Tube / Pipe