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NDT Test Cells
Tube / Pipe / Bar

NDT test bench - tube pipe bar We offer integrated and automated non-destructive test (NDT) inspection benches with extraordinary stability and ruggedness, for diameters up to 24”.   To maximize test fidelity and reduce false positives, our NDT Benches are equipped with a proprietary constant center drive system, and fed by high acceleration conveyance equipment that closes pipe – to – pipe gaps before they pass through the NDT, thereby limiting water intrusion to the ID.   Our benches can be equipped with paint marking systems to facilitate subsequent manual cutting and prove-up.   Alternatively, the output of the NDT system can be ported electronically to the line control for automated cutting and prove-up.   Electronic test blocks can be fix mounted or mounted on a rugged slide table with a second set of electronics to facilitate pre-setting for the next order, thereby reducing downtime between orders.   We also offer complete material handling systems for gantry style NDT systems.
NDT test bench

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