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Long Seam Milling
Vessel / Shell

Graebener Maschinentechnik vessel or shell long weld seam milling machines

Long Seam Milling Machines for narrow-gap preparation of the welding seam.

In accordance to the circumferential milling machines, a clean and fast external longitudinal seam preparation on pipes, vessels, and apparatus is most important.

The external longitudinal seam preparation on internally submerged-arc welded (SAW) pipes, shells, etc., is carried out by a longitudinal milling machine.    In order to compensate probable surface roughness, ovality and deviations in straightness, the longitudinal milling machines are likewise equipped with a copying system.    This guarantees a constant milling depth during the milling process.    Depending on the machine design, pipe sizes of 3,000 - 22,000 mm length and a diameter of 406 - 9,000 mm can be milled.

Two models of Graebener long seam milling machines are available for two different milling depths.

GLF-45 GLF-55


Floor mounted longitudinal seam milling machine