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3 Roll pipe bending
Large Dia. Line Pipe

Graebener-Maschinentechnik three roll Large Dia. Line Pipe bending machine

A 3-roll bending machine is still the most economic solution for the production of special shells for the construction of vessels and cones.

Each lateral roll and the upper roll can be adjusted.    Therefore, an economic production of cones is possible without damage to the longitudinal plate edges.    High asymmetric forces during extreme conical bending require a high stiffness in the tilting bearing column.   Each machine is designed using FEA calculations.

The 3-roll bending machine uses a quick and modern machinery concept which mainly is applied in today's vessel, apparatus, and pipeline construction.   In addition to these fields of application, such a bending machine can also be used for bending cones and straightening plates.

Today, a manufacturing length of 12.2 m is the most common requirement for the production of line pipes.   For the production of pipeline pipes, the Graebener 3-roll bending machine is equipped with individually adjustable support rollers.    In addition to this, Graebener Maschinentechnik also offers various exchange rolls.    The 3-roll bending machine - due to its speed and easy handling - also is an economic production solution for conventional API pipes with small and medium wall thicknesses.

Graebener Maschinentechnik three roll bending machine