Innovative machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet


Field Service

You can rely upon our field service team, to take care of your on-site needs.    Standing behind our work are the engineers, designers and shop floor personnel that understand your equipment.    Ask about our service plan that covers the entire lifecycle of your processing equipment.

Service Parts

To maintain high operating efficiency and assure product accuracy, we recommend OEM Original replacement parts.    Please contact our professional service team for all your service parts needs.    Let us help you keep your equipment running at peak productivity.

Rebuilds & Retrofits

Graebener Reika machines are designed to last a lifetime if properly maintained.    Even so, the rigors of high volume production can, after many years of operation, result in deterioration of mechanical and electrical components.    As technology evolves, electrical hardware and software may become obsolete and difficult or impossible to service.    For these reason we offer a complete-build and refurbishment service that can return your machine to factory specifications, update obsolete electrical systems, and ultimately re-vitalize your production operation.    Please contact our service department for additional information.

Prototype and Small Lot Production

We maintain test equipment in various capacities for hot stamping / press hardening, hydroforming and fixed length cutting & end finishing of tubular parts.    A portion of the capacity is reserved for current and future customer prototype requirements and the remaining capacity is made available for small lot production.    Contact our sales team for additional information.

Process simulation

With certain advanced forming technologies, like Hydroforming & Hot Stamping - Press Hardening, the ability to simulate the forming process using specialized Non-Linear FEM software is a critical step in securing new business or launching a new product.    Due to the up-front cost and complexity of establishing in-house simulation capability, customers often choose to purchase these services.    We maintain a range of simulation capabilities and the expertise needed to achieve accurate results.

Material Handeling & Process Automation

We provide “mill grade” material handling systems for producers of tube, pipe, bar, plate and sheet.    Whether integrating new or existing equipment, robust material handling systems are a critical link in the productivity chain.    We combine robust mechanical systems with state of the art control and sensing technologies to create a durable and efficient processes.

Machine Design & Construction

The same rigorous engineering process that goes into making every Graebener Reika machine, can be offered for your special needs.    Whether tailoring our existing equipment to your specific requirements, or developing whole new concepts, our highly skilled engineering team, and the infrastructure that s upports them, can be made available for your application.    From concept to construction to volume production on your shop floor.    We also provide, in cooperation with partners, complete pipe mill engineering services, integrated finishing lines, and turn key Hot Stamping lines.


Tell us what you need and what challenges you are facing.   We'll put our expertise and long-term experience at your disposal, and work together with you to find concrete solutions.